About Us

laptop-837208As lighting designers, creating integrated solutions that reveal and enhance the architecture, is central to our work.  Yet, as advisors to our clients and advocates for the users of the spaces we design, our concerns are necessarily broader.  Issues of first time and long-term cost, ease of maintenance and durability matter to facility owners.  Flexibility and ease of use are as important as the quality of light to occupants.  Environmental sustainability is of vital concern to all of us.


While we are specialists, we take a holistic approach to lighting design by collaborating closely with the entire team, by bringing our knowledge of current design and advanced technology to projects, and by making a commitment to sustainable solutions. From the daylighting at a public library to low lights for a hip club, from a historic facade to an efficient office, from the skyline to the riverfront – our talent team is working on the right design for each environment.


Our Vision

idea-1296553To provide sustainable and affordable lighting design solutions considerate of our environment, designed for people, their comfort and the enjoyment of the spaces they live, work or socialise in. Driven by creativity and originality, experience and expertise, applying the latest technologies and putting quality over quantity, our lighting design solutions integrate and harmonise with architecture and environment providing its users the benefits of better lighting.